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Escalier d'angle piscine

The stages of construction

The company Jean-Luc RIVIERE Piscine & Spa joins the program TOTALLY HAYWARD, offering an extended warranty on all branded equipment HAYWARD.




The soil: pay attention to the nature of the terrain, it is obligatory to have dry, homogeneous and well stabilized soil.


Earthworks and masonry

Earthworks using a mechanical shovel and rock breaker if necessary.

Swimming pool construction steps.jpg
Technical areas


Creation of the technical area

Including all filtration equipment (pump, sand filter, electrical equipment), automatic water treatment (salt treatment with or without automatic PH regulation), and automatic cleaning (POLARIS robot)


Laying the liner and filling

Once the structural work is completed, protective felt is placed over the entire pool. The installation of the liner is done by suction.

Liner laying
Slate gray liner - DELL Protect 33
Pooleasy PH regulator - AVADY
Aquarite Flo Hayward Electrolyser Salt Treatment


Water treatment

Water treatment by salt electrolysis, with or without automatic PH regulation, for greater bathing comfort and to simplify maintenance.

Aquarite Flo Salt Treatment - HAYWARD
Pooleasy PH regulator - AVADY


Pool cleaning

Electric or overpressure, the robots clean your pool autonomously.

Robot Polaris 280
POLARIS 280 Robot
Maytronics Zenit 30 robot_edited.png
Zenit 30 electric robot - MAYTRONICS
PAC Energyline Hayward



HAYWARD heat pumps to extend your swimming season: a complete range of very high performance, suitable for all pool sizes.

PAC Energyline Pro  -HAYWARD
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Professional liability insurance

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Labeled Propiscines Enagagé

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